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At Rouki Beauty there is a story and a person behind every product. Women from around the world generously share their centuries old beauty secrets with you. Everything we offer is fairly purchased from cooperatives and artisans in developing countries. Your purchase is not only beautiful and great for your skin – it makes a difference in the lives of others.

Wild hand-crafted shea butter

Shea butter, derived from the nut of the shea tree, is an elemental part of West African life. Aside from hydrating the skin, the oil is used to treat skin disorders, rubbed on the chest for colds and even for frying food! This shea butter was handcrafted by the women’s cooperative Shitulunafama in Mali, West Africa, who rendered it in the artisanal fashion by an arduous triple wash process to obtain a pure butter completely free of the harsh chemicals found in conventional shea butter processing.

The container was made by artisans in Mali based on the traditional snuffbox that old men in the village use. When a guest comes to visit the box is extended to them in friendship. As it is animal hide, it should be kept away from water. If cared for properly it can be kept for years as a decorative piece or to hold jewelry, etc.

The activities of the cooperative teach important skills to the women and build selfesteem. RoukiBeauty provided the women with a micro loan so they could purchase the first load of shea nuts.

Savon Karia

We became instant fans of this handmade French-milled shea butter soap that is truly crafted with love in Mali, West Africa. The cooperative uses local ingredients that are known for nutritive and healing properties such as henna, neem, wild African honey, and balanites leaves, which are collected from wild trees of the same name.

About Djenuman Cooperative

Kadia Fofana of Mali became interested in soap making and created a cooperative more than 10 years ago. Over the years she has worked hard to create a small, dynamic group that crafts all natural handmade soap. We applaud her efforts and are proud to bring you this product. RoukiBeauty will be working with Djenuman cooperative in the future to help them bring these lovely soaps into hotels and other establishments.

Suan-Plu Cooperative, Thailand

This women’s co-operative was established in a Bangkok inner city slum after a devastating fire ravaged the area. Their aim is to provide a fair wage, give job security and control to the women involved. Members handle all aspects of management and production. Two members share their stories:

Tu is 35 years old. She is able to save money for the first time in her life, and purchased a house in the neighborhood then used it as collateral to buy a pick up truck that her husband uses to sell plastics in a large mobile market.

Ung has two preschool aged children so she couldn’t go outside the community to work. The children are welcome in the project workroom and she takes extra work home to do in the evenings when they are sleeping. She has doubled her family income.

Linking the high quality products with customers like you that ensures that these women will continue to profit from their skill and labor for many years to come. We are proud to work with these enterprising women and bring this delicious quality line to you.

Arghand Cooperative, Afghanistan

This valiant cooperative is composed of both men and women, and all have an equal voice in decision making. They have persevered despite insurmountable security issues and myriad challenges of working in the Kandahar region.

We are proud to work with the Arghand cooperative and bring this amazing line to you. The quality of the lotions and soaps is truly unrivalled by any mainstream brand.

The unique, unfiltered oils of rosa damascena, wild pistachio oil, wild almond oil, apricot kernel oil, essential oil of artemis persica and more in the lotions and soaps are lovingly handextracted from the indigenous fruits, nuts and botanicals of southern Afghanistan. Your skin will thank you!

All Arghand products are generously infused with pomegranate seed oil. Steeped in history, legend says that each pomegranate contains one seed direct from paradise. The seeds yield rich and nutritious oil high in antioxidants that fight free radicals and promote skin regeneration.

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Get to know the people behind the products.